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Roasted and Ground

Quality green coffee hand-picked from around the world. Expertly roasted providing the aroma, robust taste and just roasted freshness your customer come to expect from Café Genial.

ZIGON FB&P has many pack sizes and configuration to meet any customer’s needs. Private label is also offered to customers needing private labels. Ask your Zigon representative for more details

Coffee Type Roasted and Ground
Sizes Weight
Frac Packs & Filter Packs 1 oz – 4 oz
Vending Packs 6 oz – 2 lbs (R&G)
Bulk Cases 50 lbs
Super-sacks +500 lbs
Cafe Genial Logo

Making a good instant coffee begins with blending the finest coffee beans.

ZIGON FB&P Offers the perfect solution for your business in the instant coffee category.

We offer both domestically and Internationally produced instant coffee in all of their different presentations:

  • Spray Dried
  • Agglomerated
  • Freeze Dried

Private label is also available on any of our instant presentations.

Coffee Type Instant
Sizes Weight
Single Serve Packs 1.4 g to 22 g
Vending Packs 22.5 oz - 8 oz
Plastic/Glass jars 1.75 oz to 12 oz
Bulk Cases 50 lbs
Super-sacks +500 lbs